Order-to-Cash (O2C) process audit at SVEZA

2 months
Project duration

2 weeks 
Pilot audit

42 965
orders were analysed


World leader in the production of birch plywood: 7500+ employees, serves clients in 80+ countries

Consulting partner

Graduate School of Management at St Petersburg University

Problem / Challenge

The implementation of the company's strategy includes the transition to the business process management concept. The "traditional" audit of processes turned out to be time-consuming and inaccurate. Thus, the goal of the project was, firstly, to select and test a solution for building a digital twin of a real business process and, secondly, to assess the maturity of the process in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 15504 standard.

What was done

  • A comparative analysis of solutions of the process mining class is carried out
  • A project management methodology for building a digital twin of business process has been developed
  • The digital twin of the process is extracted and explored
  • Violations in the procedure for the execution of the process have been identified
  • Necessity of changing the approach to the accumulation of historical data on the events of the process is found. .

Project results

  • Compared with traditional analysis, the time for obtaining value has been reduced by more than tenfold: the pilot audit was implemented in 2 weeks
  • Promease functionality for process discovery and conformance check has been confirmed
  • A project management methodology for building a digital twin of the process has been developed, forms of internal regulatory documents have been prepared