Process discovery
Process mining is the intersection of data analysis and business process management. So, you would need to obtain a unique set of competencies for the effective use of Promease in your company.

Basic program (16 academic hours) covers:
  • Process mining fundamentals.
  • Three basic types of tasks being solved by process mining.
  • Practice in Promease, including solving case studies.
  • How Promease can be used in a company.
  • Managing the process mining projects.

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Attention: regular trainings are given in Russian. For training in English, please, contact us. 

For universities

Process audit in process mining
We are happy to share our expertise in the field of process mining and we offer universities free academic license for Promease to be used in educational programs and projects.

Together with a free academic license, we give a full-fledged educational and methodological complex to the course "Process mining - Fundamentals of process analytics".

The course "Process mining - Fundamentals of process analytics" with real practice in the Promease environment may be included in the main educational programs and MBA programs (disciplines "Business Process Management", "Business Modeling", "Change Management" and other disciplines related to process management, automation and digitalization of management systems), as well as being offered as an independent course.

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Research projects

Process discovery process mining
We grant the opportunity to use Promease free of charge by students in their papers, by Ph.D. students in the "field" part of dissertations.
The right to use Promesse is granted on the basis of a direct agreement between the university and the copyright holder company.

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